Visually Intelligent Dental X-Ray Diagnosis


What is DentalX?

DentalX provides dentist and dental hygienist recommendations of dental disease based on mouth x-rays. Our Think-Visual (Visual Intelligence) is trained data to detect each of the dental diseases and provide recommendations for each patient based on machine learning algorithm through X-Rays.

Specialized Trained Models

Trained with specialized dental x-rays to predict disease.

Secure & Private

All X-Rays are processed under professional secuire algorithms.

Easy to Use Interface

DentalX comes with easy to install and operate for anyone in clinic.

Why DentalX?

For Dentists

Improves efficiency and helps to detect undiagnosed dental caries and bone loss.

The dentist can provide DentalX AI report to patients for better treatment acceptance.

For Insurance Companies

Process claims with more accuracy and eliminating human errors.

Validate millions of x-rays through an automated process and detects anomalies.

For Patients

It helps patients to understand and validate their current oral condition.

Patients can make educated decisions for their oral treatment.

Vision Technology & Diagnosis Reporting

Our deep learning models are trained with x-day datasets of these 3 dental disease right now. We are continously working on making models more accurate and intelligent to detect more dental disease.

Sample Report

# Disease Name Ability to Detect
1 Cavity Yes
2 Bone Loss Yes
3 Infection Yes
4 Calculus We are working on this Disease
5 Positioning of the teeth (Molar, Premolars) We are working on this Disease
6 Sinuses We are working on this Disease
7 Impacted Tooth We are working on this Disease


Bone Loss


Platform for Dentists

Our extremely simple and easy to use web application comes with the power of technology, dentistry and X-Ray intelligence. Denstists can easily setup and start diagnosing x-rays on day 1.

  • Access platform from any device, anywhere.
  • Fast and accurate x-ray diagnosis on different 7 dental disease.
  • X-rays are processed with highly professional security algorithms such as SHA-256.
  • No any hidden setup cost or fees.