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Since artificial neural networks allow modeling of nonlinear processes, they have turned into a very popular and useful tool for solving many problems such as classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, dimension reduction, structured prediction, machine translation, anomaly detection, decision making, visualization, computer vision, and others. This wide range of abilities makes it possible to use Natural Language Processing in many areas such customer support, business predictions, sales, marketing and the list oe endless.

With Think-Engine and it's family APIs (Think-Text), you can start implementing NLP into your businesses and net intelligent projects right away.

Demo: Skills Detection from Any Document

You can try our read-made demo trained for detecting different Job Roles and associated Skill from given document.

Platform can also recommend closed matching topics from given document.

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# Skill Name
1 Business Development
2 Project Development
3 Agile Software Development
4 Risk Management
5 AWS - Amazon Web Services
6 Python Programming Language
7 Django Framework
8 Linux
9 MongoDB Database
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